Tours at its best

Let us show you the beauty and simplicity of Bonaire. We have four standard tours to offer but do ask us for our special private tours. We can show you places where no other can bring you...

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Washikemba Tour

One of renowed tours is the Washikemba East Coast Tour where we have found some roads and scenery for you to enjoy.

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Off the Beaten Path

Our Trucks will bring you safely to Bonaire's hidden treasures...

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Movie Set Scenery

See yourself on adventures, movie set sceneries and diverseness of Bonaire's nature at its best...

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The Arawak Tour

The Arawak Tour is a beautiful two hour tour into the past and inland of Bonaire... Showing the beautiful West coast, Rincon township, and Indian inscriptions.

Lac Cai Tour

The Lac Cai Tour is a beautiful two hours tour following the dirt road along the rugged East coast and thru the mangrove forest to the North side of the natural lagoon "Lac Cai".

Goto Lake & Rincon - North Tour

A memorable trip of two hours driving North to Goto Lake, Rincon en Seru Largo...

Salt Pans & Sorobon Beach - South Tour

The Salt Pans and Sorobon Beach Tour is BigFoot South tour of the Island.

BigFoot Tours Bonaire - We drive tours on and off road to all the special places on Bonaire where no other vehicle comes with our special preparated Yellow Mercedes Unimogs. All our drivers are official tourguides and you will allso have a fun time with them. Special tours during the cruise season, you can book us on board or on shore. Can't miss us !!!!!!! Call: +599 700 6933 or +599 796 6868